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B-Daman Tournament On Demand


随着第一次的比赛结束后,这次的竞赛结合了更有水准的参赛者,挑战难度更高的游戏模式,如果你想成为其中一个参赛者,一定要LIKE我们的Cowie Station Tawau 面子书,留意最新消息!

B-Daman Battle in Ollo Adventure World


Do you know how the B-Daman toys can have battle in the Ollo Adventure World? Come and join our school holiday robotic class, start to register to safe your seats, limited to 10 participants per class!

Play with the other B-Daman fans and stand a chance to WIN a prize!!  Now enjoy the robotic world with your favorite toys, see how to create and design robots in the holiday class, play games with your accuracy and teamwork!!

Do not missed out the good chance, only available during school holidays.

Welcome to Cowie Station Tawau

Cowie Station Tawau established in Tawau in June 2009, officially opened on 26 July 2009. Our objective is to encourage the growth of IT knowledge in the society and provide outstanding web development services.  We deal with all kinds of software development and website related projects.  Furthermore, we offer professional computer courses for both children and adults, which maintain competitive course outlines.

We welcome everyone to join our community.  Here you can learn latest computer courses in both designing courses and DIY courses.  We trained many senior citizens on the basic computer knowledge, computer operation and Internet skills.  We also provide computer training to those companies which requested to improve the staff knowledge and skill on certain computer topics.

科卫总站成立于2009年6月份,并在2009年7月26日正式开张营业。 我们的宗旨是鼓励社会科技的成长,以及提供高水准的网站建设服务。 我们接洽各类型的软件开发,及有关网站的相关工程。 除此以外,我们提供专业电脑课程于学生及成人,并且保持着具竞争性的教学大纲。

我们欢迎大家加入我们的队伍。 在此您可以学习到崭新的电脑课程,有设计课程及维修课程。 我们培训了许多年长者有关基本电脑知识,电脑操作及上网技巧。 我们也提供公司职员培训,根据公司特定的题目。